Making Progress

Truth. Today is day 14 and I am sleeping better than I have in more than two years. My skin is clear, and I have so much energy! No more afternoon energy crashes and maybe it’s coincidental, but I haven’t had as many migraines either. My sugar cravings are gone. Gone! That’s a lot of changes in two short weeks. My clothes even fit better although for now I am not focused on weight loss–just healing.

I know most people are wondering if it’s manageable. Is it too hard? Is it too restrictive? Is it even practical? I’ll be honest. These are all very relative questions. Nothing is hard if you  are committed to it. I have found ways to make this as easy as possible. I know the things and the times that trip me up and I am prepared for them. this means taking some steps in advance and planning ahead, but the result is SO worth it. Here are a few tools to make it easier for you.

Have snacks on hand–always. Remember all those snack I stocked up on? They have saved me more times than I can count. In those moments when my daughter makes popcorn and I feel myself caving in and telling myself that just a few pieces will be okay, I grab my plantain chips or sweet potato chips and I am good to go. Fresh fruit and raw veggies make great afternoon snacks. The hardest part is keeping the rest of the family out of my stash. At this point though, they are all following the diet about 75% to the time since I am the one cooking the main meals.

Use your weekends to prep a few key meals to help you through the week. Figure out what your most difficult meal is during the week and prepare several meals on the weekends. If you work-full time or have to run kiddos to activities after school, dinner might be the toughest meal for you. If that’s the case, I would recommend putting several chicken breasts  and some marinade (there are lots of AIP friendly marinades to make-Coconut Secret makes an awesome teriyaki sauce and a garlic sauce that are perfect for this) into a ziplock bag and just keep it in the fridge to bring out for dinner. On the night you are running around like a crazy person, you can pull it out, pound it out and dump it in a frying pan.While that is cooking on medium heat, chop up some broccoli or veggies and drizzle with some olive oil and sprinkle with some garlic salt and roast in a 400 degree oven. Dinner will be done in 30 minutes. Easy, delicious and healthy. You could cook a large batch of soup or stew on Sunday afternoon, or make a large roast.

If lunches are hard because you are busy, making up several containers of salads and chopping up fresh veggies or making up a large batch of soup might help make lunches easier. I tend to eat leftovers from dinner the previous night (see #4) for lunches during the week.

The hardest meal for me is breakfast. Fussy toddler with lots of demands, getting kids off to school and daily chores make mornings a challenge. Add to that my love for all things carb and pastry, and breakfast could be a disaster without some planning. In order to set myself up to succeed, I have been doing up batches of breakfast food on the weekends. So far, I have prepped in advance chicken and turkey breakfast sausages to keep in the freezer, “oatmeal,” and “pancakes” that are amazing. So far, breakfast hasn’t been a problem at all. Here are a few of the yummy AIP-friendly meals I have made this week. Two of them are from The Healing Kitchen cookbook:

When you cook, always cook enough to have left-overs. Since you are already doing the work, you may as well do it efficiently. There have been MANY times in the last two weeks that I have been hungry at an odd time and having leftovers from other meals has filled the gap. This is a life-saver at 3:00 in the afternoon when you want more than an apple. Sometimes, it even saves me from having to cook every night. I LOVE these nights because I have more time to paint 😉

So, again, planning to succeed will definitely help you get where you want to go. I really haven’t had many, but when I find myself having a weak moment I remind myself that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels. This is truth.

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(**The information included here is not to be substituted for medical advice. I am not a doctor and any information or advice written here does not replace the advice of your own doctor. Please see your doctor about any health conditions you might have.)


Snacks for the Save


Seven days–almost eight– in the bag and I haven’t killed anyone yet!! 🙂 The best part is that I haven’t even been tempted. I am sleeping better and my ankles and knees don’t hurt in the morning anymore. I also just slid my ring off my finger with little effort. A week ago I couldn’t move it. That is a huge improvement. I haven’t had any big afternoon energy crashes, and my energy level is way up. I actually WANTED to exercise today. Anyone who really knows me, knows that this is crazy talk. I hate exercise. A lot. Today I didn’t hate it. So far I haven’t felt deprived at all. I thought yesterday was going to be the day that would do me in, but a little preparation saved the day.

My son wanted to grab some lunch out and then take our little bitty guy to the park to eat and play. We decided on Panera, but I really can’t even do the salads because they have cheese and nuts and other stuff on the “No” list– like tomatoes or eggs. Instead of trying to order from their menu and sound like one of those really annoying people that we all secretly snear at, I grabbed a left over chicken breast from our refrigerator, mashed up some guacamole (really simple guac with just garlic salt added) and grabbed a bag of Terra Exotic Harvest Chips and headed out the door. I have to admit the smell of Panera’s bread was amazing, but I really didn’t CRAVE it. It was easy to say no. Like I said, I really haven’t felt deprived and in those moments when I do have a craving, I have set myself up to succeed!

I did a really smart thing (shocking) and stocked up on AIP-friendly snacks to have handy for those moments of weakness. I found a few that are savory, for the times I miss having popcorn and a few that are sweet, for when I am craving candy or desserts. These have honestly saved my bacon this week. So this post is all about the snacks.

So far, these are my favorite AIP, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly snacks

From the top row far left and moving right:

Terra Chips: These things are amazing. They taste great on their own, but they are also really great to eat with guacamole dip or other dips. I just saw a great recipe for “hummus” made with cauliflower. I might have to test it and let you know if it’s yummy. Anyway, these chips are awesome. Even my teens and toddlers love them.

Bare apples: My daughter busted open a bag last night because she wanted something sweet and said they taste like candy. They do. They are delicious. They are naturally sweet and because they take a while to chew and eat, they are really satisfying. These are my favorites of the sweet stuff.

Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips: Yes, they sound gross, but they taste just like potato chips. I have had other brands that don’t taste very good, but these are awesome. They are crunchy and salty and have saved me from cheating every time my kids want to snack on chips or popcorn.

Bottom row from the far left:

Nature’s All: These are freeze dried fruits instead of dehydrated. They are crispy and crunchy and super sweet. A little bit goes a long way and these are really yummy. Watch it though, or you will eat the whole bag before you realize it!

Karen’s Naturally: These are another delicious freeze dried fruit snack that I found. Very sweet and crunchy, these will cure your sweet tooth naturally.

Barnana: Ok, I promised I would be honest with you, so I will. I don’t love these. I would have to be out of everything else to consider these. I will say, however, that my 2 year-old and my husband like them a lot.

These have been my saving grace for the last week. I haven’t eaten a ton of them, but that’s not why I bought them. I bought them to keep me going on this healing journey, because while you can cheat on most “diets” and just start again the next day, this isn’t a normal lose-weight kind of diet. This isn’t even really a diet in the traditional sense, it is more of an eating plan for wellness. My inflammation is systemic and it needs to be address from a lot of different angles. It is also cumulative–meaning if I cheat on day 8, I go all the way back to day 1 because it doesn’t take much to trigger inflammation all over again and it takes a long time to reduce it.

So, remember, grass-fed beef, high quality meats and organic veggies and fruits. Keep it simple and clean. My next post will be about the other tools I have added to reduce inflammation and heal the gut. There are so many resources online–use them for motivation. Start a vision board on Pinterest. Keep going!!! You CAN do this!!


Cheers to Our Health


Today is day three on the anti-inflammatory diet or auto-immune protocol, or whatever you want to call it and so far so great. Yesterday I felt a little lethargic, but I’m not sure if I am detoxing or just tired. I ended up with a killer migraine last night and went to bed early, but that’s nothing new for me. Today was rough getting out of bed and I really felt like I wanted coffee, but after two cups of tea, I felt great.

If anyone is interested in exactly what I’m eating and recipes, let me know and I will get you all that info. I am tracking my meals just in case someone would benefit from it. I am not making any complicated meals so far, just simple, good, nutrition-dense foods.  We have been sticking with mainly a quality meat (grass-fed beef or organic chicken) and veggies and some sort of healthy fat (using coconut oil to cook or guacamole) and last night we made a great healthy dessert by peeling and slicing an apple and baking it in a glass container with some coconut oil and cinnamon. Totally satisfying and even my kids had some and loved it. Not having coffee in the morning has probably been the hardest part, but I have replaced it with some great hot tea with lemon and I feel satisfied. In fact, all of the drinks I have in a day help with satisfying one craving or another so I’ll share them all with you. Maybe they’ll help you too.  🙂

In the morning I start with lemon in my tea. There is a lot of research showing that drinking lemon water or lemon tea in the morning has lots of health benefits. Lemon is a great stimulator for your liver and it kick-starts the detox process. It also contains pectin fiber which can help control hunger cravings. Lemon is a great source of potassium which is amazing for your brain, your heart and your nervous system. Because it is high in vitamin C, it is great for boosting the immune system. Experts say vitamin c levels are easily depleted when the body is stressed, so boosting those levels can help you stay healthy. For me, the best part of using lemon in my drinks is the anti-inflammatory properties. There are so many compelling articles on the internet about the benefits of lemon in water or tea that it just makes sense to add it to my routine.

My next favorite drink is water. I know, I know, soooo not tequila, and so boring. Yep, it is, but good health depends on it. I will have tequila again, just not right now while I am healing 🙂 We use an amazing filter for our water. We bought it years ago and it was one of the best investments we have ever made. Seriously. There are many filters and filtration systems out there, but the Berkey filter was the best for us. It removes toxins and all the gunk from our city water that they keep telling us is clean and safe, but one look at our filters will tell you otherwise. This is what one of our filters looked like the last time we changed them. I smudged it with my finger so you can see how deep, and thick and gunky it was. GROSS! We also have a filter that screws into out Berkey to remove fluoride from our water, but that is another post for another day. I don’t work for Berkey and I receive no compensation for anything on this blog. I’m just sharing what works for us. Water, water water!!! It helps flush toxins, hydrate the skin, and keep the body and brain healthy. It also helps with weight loss.


Kombucha is an acquired taste I think. The first time I tried it I didn’t like it, but I drank a whole bottle because I was SURE it was going to help me feel better….LOL Let me clear this  foolishness up for you. Yes, it IS super healthy, but I do NOT recommend drinking a whole bottle the first time you try it. You may, like me, have some unwanted, negative, gastrointestinal consequences if you know what I mean. After my first experience with kombucha, I wasn’t super excited to try it again any time soon, but my husband went to Costco and brought home a whole box because he thought I liked it. I did a little research and discovered that it’s best to start with a smallish amount and then increase the amount over a period of about a week because the probiotics can cause gut issues if you aren’t used to drinking it. Well, that explained a lot. I have also read since then that if you have severe gut issues, you should probably ask a healthcare provider or heal your gut before you drink kombucha because if the gut is unhealthy, it can make issues worse. I can tell you that I have definitely acquired the taste for it and now I crave it. I drink a bottle a day (sometimes two) and sometimes over ice. It is a great substitute when I am craving a soda and I’ll pour it over ice. Sometimes at night if I am craving something sweet or a grown-up drink, I’ll have a kombucha instead. It does have a tiny bit of alcohol in it from the fermentation process, but not enough to really feel any effect. I will do a separate post about the benefits of kombucha along with other fermented foods soon. They deserve their own post because their ability to help heal the gut and the body is amazing. Someday I will make my own and save a lot of money.

So, I’ll drink a toast to my health and to yours and hope that this information is another tool that you can add to your journey to help you along the way. We can do this. We can get healthy. It’s as easy as you DECIDE it is. Keep going. Just keep making the next right choice. You will thank yourself a year from now 🙂


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(**The information included here is not to be substituted for medical advice. I am not a doctor and any information or advice written here does not replace the advice of your own doctor. Please see your doctor about any health conditions you might have.)


I’m Too Young to Feel This Old


Yep, I’ve been off the wagon. I have neglected this blog, but more importantly, I have been neglecting my diet and therefore my health. Let me just tell you, I am FEELING it!! My joints hurt (especially in the morning), my energy is low (especially in the afternoon), and my sugar cravings are out of control (especially on days that end in “y”) and my migraines are terrible. Sooooo, it’s time to make changes. Besides, you couldn’t PAY me to get in a swimsuit right now, and swim weather is right around the corner. The pool temperature is already 70 degrees 🙂

Today is the day I am starting over. I can feel the inflammation in my joints, in my hands and feet, and in my lower back. I am too young to feel this old. While I don’t have control over everything, I do have control over what I put in my mouth and that is powerful. We don’t give enough attention to what we fuel ourselves with until it is too late and our body is in a state of dis-ease. Most dis-ease begins with inflammation. How do we reduce and eliminate inflammation? Food. It’s as simple or as complicated as that, and it is only complicated if we make it complicated. Food is food. It is our associations with food that trip us up.

Is food our comfort? Is food our entertainment? Is food our hiding place or something to do when we are bored? Many times, I view food as a reward and tell myself, “It’s the weekend, you should just enjoy this______.” Sometimes, food is entertainment. Trying a great new restaurant and being adventurous in food and drink choices is super fun for me. I am really looking at my relationship with food because I am already feeling a little bit like I am going to be deprived, but I have lots of tools and I am setting myself up to succeed. I bought this great cookbook called The Healing Kitchen that has lots of yummy recipes in it that are all anti-inflammatory. I also have another great cookbook called Practical Paleo that has lots of great recipes to use. With simple modifications, I can make all of them anti-inflammatory.

Here’s the deal, the only way I can do this and not go crazy is because I know that if I can get healthy and squash this inflammation, in time I will be able to enjoy all foods again in moderation. I will also be addressing healing my gut at the same time I am changing my diet. I will get into that part of it soon, because healing the gut is key to reducing and eliminating systemic inflammation. If the gut isn’t healthy, food isn’t being properly digested and small particles are released into the body that shouldn’t be and our bodies know it, so they try to fight it. How does the body fight ANY invader??? Inflammation. Heal the gut, reduce inflammation.

So, at this point you are probably wondering why, if I know so much, am I not already super healthy and doing all this? I’m human. I have a lot on my plate and I have been practicing my painting (that’s my work up at the top of this post) and am enrolled in three classes right now AND I love food–especially breads and sweets. I live in a constant state of mental gymnastics that range from knowing and doing the healthy things and being reminded that life is super short and I SHOULD indulge in the pie. So, there’s the truth. I will tell the truth here. If I mess up, you will know. If I have a piece of pie, you’ll know. This is a great way to hold myself accountable.

This morning I diced up two Japanese sweet potatoes and sautéed them in coconut oil and chopped onion. I seasoned it with garlic powder and sea salt. YUM! Tonight I’ll make some chicken sausage patties for breakfast tomorrow. For me, breakfast is the hardest.

If you are interested in the “diet” I will be using you can Google the AIP diet, AIP protocol, or the auto-immune diet. The essentials of an anti-inflammatory diet are this:

no dairy, no grain (including rice), no legumes or beans, no sugar, no nightshades (tomato,eggplant, and any peppers), no nuts, no coffee and no white potatoes

Now, before you decide it’s impossible, there is a HUGE list of foods you CAN eat!! Mickey Trescott’s website is a wealth of information about this diet and inflammatory diseases. This diet is amazing for people with autoimmune diseases (like me) or who have inflammatory issues. These lists came from the Mickey Trescott site:aip


So, there you have it. This is one of the tools I will be using to heal. I will share the others with you as I implement them.

I know I should probably take a “before” photo, but I just can’t. ha!

Here’s to new beginnings 🙂

Where’s the Beef?


There are many schools of thought when it comes to meat consumption. There are those who say that the only real healthy diet is vegan and then others who say that vegan isn’t enough, that the ideal diet should be raw. There are others who believe that a high protein diet heavy in meat is the best for good health and others who feel that an optimal diet is somewhere in the middle. Who is right? Well, that is a matter of opinion at the moment because there are as many conflicting studies as there are diets and books written about them. Confused? Yeah, me too.

So, some of what I have to say needs to be prefaced with a note that everyone is different. What works for me may not work for you and that’s ok. The ONE thing we can ALL agree on is that WHOLE, ORGANIC food is the best food you can give your body. I personally believe there is some truth to eating for your blood type, although my functional, wholistic doctor believes it is only partially true and mostly only right for “O” blood types. I have tried it, I have tried going totally vegan (I felt terrible and tired and lost no weight) I have tried low carb, and I did Atkins way back in the day when it was a big deal.

A few years ago I read The China Study by Colin Campbell and it is a fantastic read. There is a new, revised version that is in my Amazon cart and I can’t wait to read it. Dr Campbell gives a compelling case for a plant-based diet for health and wellness. My only complaint-and maybe the revised version addresses this-is that he based his conclusions on conventional meat from CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) and not on organic, free range, grass-fed meats which contain no hormones or antibiotics and have a much higher omega-3 content. This is a good article that discussed some of the differences in conventional beef and grass-fed. Here is another one that digs a bit deeper.

Personally, I feel better when I have some meat in my diet. When I went vegan (yes, I was a  healthy vegan and did it the right way) I lost some energy and felt weaker. So we eat grass-fed beef and organic meat if it’s available. Conventional meats–including pork and chicken, as discussed in the articles cited in the previous paragraph, are raised in environments that are conducive to massive weight gains in confined spaces and not to the health of the animal. How can we expect to stay healthy eating sick food? The Organic Consumers Organization has a wealth of information about this. Educating yourself is a necessary step to reclaiming your health. Knowing what you are saying “no” to is as important as knowing what you say “yes” to. Why? Because when you really know WHY you are saying “no,” it’s a lot easier to say it. Where IS the beef? When you picture your beef standing in a pile of its own feces it is a whole lot easier to pass it up for the stuff that roamed the green pasture.

I know I am going to have to say this a lot, so let me just start saying it now. There are those who will reject all of this information because they will say that eating healthy is just too expensive. My question for them is, “How much are your pharmaceuticals costing you each month?” How much do you spend at the doctor and on medications? Yes, we spend more on our groceries these days, but we are saving a small fortune in doctor bills and prescription drugs…and we feel better, and THAT’S worth a LOT.

Set to Succeed


The surest way to success is to plan for it. Plan to succeed. Clean out your pantry. Get rid of the boxes, cans, and packages of food that are processed and full of preservatives. If you want health, you will need clean, whole foods. Having a pantry full of processed snacks is only asking for temptation. It will call out to you in your weak moments when you are busy and tired, so just get rid of it. Here’s my big tip on this one–don’t wait to start your new eating plan until you have “eaten what you already have” because we tried this and it was like some weird sorcery how the pantry never seemed to empty out and we never started. It went on for weeks until I finally just threw it all away.

Once it’s cleaned out of gluten and processed foods what should you put in there and what should you eat? Well, the simplest answer is to eat things that rot. Eat foods that don’t have labels. Lots of veggies, fruits and clean meats. What do I mean by “clean” meat? I’ll get to that tomorrow. In my pantry, I have root veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes-orange and white, and onions) garlic, canned, organic veggies and beans, plantain chips, sweet potato chips and my healthy cooking oils. I also have dried beans, legumes, and quinoa. I also have a few containers of broth in there. I do make my own bone broth now, but I keep that in the freezer and I don’t make enough to have a large supply. That is something I need to work on. I will post about bone broth soon. It is amazing stuff for your health and your gut will thank you.

If you are still cooking with Crisco or vegetable oil then weeding those out will help your health tremendously. This is a great article about choosing healthy oils for cooking. Using the right oil at the right temperature is important. Here is a great infographic on which oils to use and how to use and store them.  If you use an oil mean for medium temperature cooking at a high temperature, you will break down the molecular structure of the oil and it loses all its benefits. I personally cook with olive oil, avocado oil, and most of my cooking is with coconut oil. If you are going to cook with coconut oil, choose “refined” if you don’t want a coconut flavor in your foods, but “unrefined” has a delicious nutty flavor and I use a teaspoon of it in my coffee every morning and it is yummy used as a butter replacement in desserts. I use both refined and unrefined coconut oil, I just use them for different things. I actually use coconut oil for LOTS of things, but that is another post for another day. When buying cooking oil, look for oils that are expeller pressed so that the integrity of the oil molecule chains are maintained. Here’s the thing. If the molecule chains are broken or changed, the body doesn’t recognize it. If the body doesn’t recognize it, it can’t metabolize it and use it for fuel. If your body can’t use it as fuel it will either store it–as fat–or treat it as a toxin. Remember we are eating to heal by giving our bodies real, whole foods that it can use to build, repair, and heal itself. Our bodies WANT to heal and repair, but it is up to us to give it the right tools. My advice on cooking oils is to replace them one at a time with healthy oils. People are starting to understand healthy oils more and more, and thankfully, they are now available at most chain grocery stores at reasonable prices.

We have been brain-washed to believe that all fats are bad and make you fat. This is wrong. Our bodies NEED healthy fats. This is a great article about healthy fats. In fact, consuming healthy fats actually helps you burn more body fat. This is a good resource to help explain why we need healthy fats and how they help us in our weight management goals. So, add some avocados and good oils to your shopping list. Your body will thank you.

If you told me four years ago that my pantry would look like this I would have said you were out of your mind. I lived on chips and soda, and dinner was almost always out of a box or can or some quick combination of them. But we were sick. All.the.time. Maybe I’ll do a post about just how sick we were sometime. It is sad when I look back and see the whole picture. We are not completely well yet, but we are getting there. It’s still a journey.

They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, so just expect that first 21 days to be bumpy. Remember your reason why, lean on your support system, read your inspirational thoughts, find resources that will keep you motivated.  Take this time to listen to your body. Are you feeling better without gluten? When are your hardest times of the day to stay on-track? Plan on making a healthy snack during that time so you won’t be tempted. My go-to snacks for those times when I want something salty and crunchy are plantain chips or sweet potato chips. Sometimes a few bites of guacamole on carrot sticks satisfies the craving. If I am craving something sweet, I usually eat some fruit or make a smoothie with fruit and a bit of coconut oil (you can add a few almonds to your smoothie to add protein) to make it more filling. If you eat fruit and have blood sugar issues, I encourage you to eat a bite or two of protein with your fruit to slow down the sugar spike. This is actually a good tip for all of us. You can find lots of resources and inspiration here and here. I also really love this guy.

As always, I love to hear from others who are on this journey with me. Please leave me a comment–I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Healing!


Nothing Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels



YAY!!! If you’re still along for the ride then your life is about to improve! So, where to start? Wellness starts with food. Hippocrates is famous for his quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” and I think a powerful concept that aligns with this is to let clean, whole foods be your fuel so you don’t need medicine.

So what kinds of food should you eat? Well, let me say before anything else that if you are already sick, then you should tailor your diet to healing that condition. I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and chronic migraine and have been to so many conventional doctors it’s almost ridiculous. I have tried more drugs than Keith Richards to try to feel better. Notice I said “to feel better” and not “to heal.” Pharmaceuticals will never heal my dis-ease, they only make me feel better. My thinking has radically shifted in the last four years and my goal is truly to feel better, but now it is also to feel better through real healing. So, if you are already sick, then you really need to educate yourself to tailor your diet and lifestyle to your condition.

If you aren’t sick, but ready to feel better, have more energy, and maybe lose some weight, then I have some great ways to help you reach your goals. The biggest positive change you can make is to eliminate gluten from your diet. Yes, you can all call me crazy now. It’s ok, I’m a big girl and I can handle it. Let me say that I love bread. Love it. Really love it. But now that I have been away from it for a while my joints don’t hurt the way they did before and my chronic little pain in my right lower gut is gone. Yep, I still love bread, but I don’t love it enough to go back to the pain. Just a quick trip upstairs hurt—and I’m still pretty young! This is where my title comes in. Truly, bread doesn’t taste better than pain-free knees! There is a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about gluten. I’ll put some links here to help you, but I encourage you to do your own research. THEN, I encourage you to go gluten-free and see for yourself what your body tells you. Studies can be manipulated. People lie. Your body will not. Listen to it. Give yourself some time to see the results as your body begins to clear the inflammation caused by the gluten. This can take as much as six months, but many people will feel a benefit in as little as a week. If you see that you are feeling better, losing weight, feeling less pain, having more energy, then you  probably have a gluten sensitivity. You don’t have to have Celiac Disease to benefit from going gluten free.

So that is the first step. It’s relatively easy these days to go gluten free.There are lots of substitutes available to make the transition easier. I am a big believer in giving grace when we aren’t strict on a diet, but this it the exception. Inflammation caused by gluten can last a long time–even from one meal. The only way you will know if this will help you is to completely eliminate it for a period. A little bite here and there will negate any progress you’ve made. If you do find that your health, energy, weight improves, then your next step will be to eliminate all grains because most grains (including rice and corn) cross-react and cause inflammation.

I will at some point tell you about my diet and life changes that I am starting so that I can heal. I am doing this with you, not sitting here preaching at you. This is a journey we can take together. I will share with you my accomplishments and my set-backs. We can learn together. I would love to hear from you–your thoughts and progress and set-backs…all that stuff. Let’s heal together. More soon on next steps!

This is an interesting article from Authority Nutrition and this is a great resource from WellnessMama. There are lots of resources out there–make them your friend, they will help you on your healing journey!

I hope to hear from you! Happy Healing!